In 2013, we launched a new series of events in Etyek that preserves the values of Pincefesztivál and Kezes-lábos Festival, but brings a completely new thematic idea to the town.

Etyeki Piknik events

Since 2013, the visitors of Etyeki Piknik meet and taste the gourmet treasures of our country and of Etyek four times a year in a more familiar atmosphere, at Újhegy and Szépvölgy.

We want to present the best Hungarian wines, the best gourmet and artisanal products with a seasonal touch, bringing interesting traditional programs and talented artists to the audience.

Piknik events in 2017:

On January 21th, Pork roasting, wine tasting, food specialities, mulled wine making contest, craftsmen’s market and a lot of other exciting programs.

On April 8-9th, a week after Easter, champagne and ham was the focus of the Spring Etyeki Piknik. Visitors could already taste the newly bottled wine and the special artisan champagne.

On June 10-11th, the Etyeki Piknik lasted 2 days with a summer atmosphere, and lecsó (Hungarian ratatouille) and rosé wine took the lead.

On September 2-3rd, the harvest event lasted for 2 days, bringing back the memories of the Kezes-lábos festival. Stum and cheese, harvesting feasts, artisans and the best folk musicians await the visitors.