Music, flavours and scents: find it all at the Etyeki Piknik!

Taste the flavours of Etyek in every season!

We organize the Etyeki Piknik four times in every year at the Gastro-Promenade to show every season’s specialties. Our main goal is to introduce the great products of the local winemakers, manufacturers to the audience. Here at the Gastro-Promenade you can regularly find among others great wines, home-made cheese and butter, cakes and sweets, home-made chocolate and ham and of course main dishes as well.

Etyeki Piknik is entry free!


Gingalló Chocolate Manufacture

  • Open workshop – chocolate making presentation (at 10.30 am, 12am, 1.30pm, 3 pm, 4.30pm)
  • Tasting of special handcrafted chocolates


Piknik Park

  • “Pónilovi” horse-riding for kids and folk playground


Aubergine Terrace

  • Bread with Aubergine- and ‘Zakuszka’ paste
  • Ratatouille, grilled and BBQ food, pulled pork  
  • Deer-stew with potato donut and blueberry-jam
  • Etyek wines and sparkling wines


Dessert Cellar 

  • Pear boiled in wine with chocolate cream 
  • White chocolate mousse cake with blackberry
  • Vanillin peach cake with caramel sauce 


Vértes Cellar

  • Tasting of the wine of the house 


Smoking BBQ 

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner 


Milán Cellar – Chalet (Cabin) Zalán 

  • Bean-goulash with smoked trotters  
  • Homemade roast and cakes and wide range of lemonades  
  • Palinka and wine tasting


Haraszthy Winery


Sobol Winery and Courtyard of Transylvanian Flavors

  • Transylvanian „csorba” soup with meatballs 
  • Roasted stew with Transylvanian meech 
  • Tarpa Palinka and Csiki beer 


Gombai Sparkling Wine Cellar

  • Must, sparkling wine and wine specialties 
  • Sabrage! Opening sparkling wine with a sword


Ham-master Árpás Laci’s Cellar: Tamas Günzer Winery (Villány), Nyakas Cellar (Etyek-Buda), Pregitzer Estate (Etyek-Buda)

  • Southern flavor: plejskavica and csevapcsicsa
  • Pork baking showcasing and roasted trout 
  • Artisans: Borostyán Leather, Chilion, Emese Workshop, Fanni’s patches, Greta Handmade Design, Gyöngyi Mom’s relax stuff, Gyurma Trend, Old day’s stuff, Sápi’s Fruitwines, Schubert Apiary, Sziráczki Glass


Halmi Cellar 

  • Wines of the house, wine spirits and artisan syrups
  • Lavender spice splash and spritzer


Chateau Újhegy - Takáts Pince

  • Stuffed roundel in many flavors 
  • Home-made burgers: deer, mouflon and duck
  • Paprika-catfish on Sunday


Szent Orbán Cellar

  • Taste the wines of Rókusfalvy Estate and Zarándok Cellar
  • “Gezemice-lángos” scone from Etyek


Zarándok Cellar

  • Saturday, 2pm-5pm: Armchair-project – Sit down and tell your story
  • Come, sit down in the red armchair and share your story or thoughts with us. Let’s have a conversation!


Kácsor „Kíra” Cellar

  • Wines from Etyek, bread with goose greaves, scone and home-made strudels
  • Artisans: Etyek Beer Manufactory, Nest Ceramic Shop and Valaha Farm


Tátrai Cellar

  • Tasting of the best wines of the winery


Rezeda Terrace: Anonym Cellar (Etyek)


  • 2 pm: Lili Péterffy sings
  • 4 pm: No Wonders, pop / rock acoustic from the 90’s


  • 2 pm: Uncle Géza and Friends
  • 4 pm: Rock Angeles
  • Both days: VeleM design bags
  • Gastronomic experiences: chicken ragout with tarragon, fruit soup, Burgundy-style deer-stew courgetti-ship stuffed with sweet cheese 
  • On the grill: mustard chicken, clod and trout and vegetables 
  • Heavenly sweets: wine mousse cake, different flavored macarons, etc. 


EtyekVin Cellar:

  • Vegan stuffed cabbage and grilled food with roundel 
  • Grandma’s apple pie  
  • Unique Panorama


Berényi Cellar: Family Cellars Orosz Gyula (Etyek), Cellar Vabrik (Etyek)

  • STELÁZSI – selected finenesses from chamber, Caffé Go


Dvorák Guest Court

  • Farm visiting: horse, Jerusalem-pony, lama and others 
  • Smoked fair and village flavors: harvest time bean goulash with trotters and grill plate 
  • Catch and carry food: burger, hot-dog with sausage and duck-pie
  • Jams and syrups for sale 


Lucza Cellar (Etyek-Buda)


Debreczeni Winery – Debreczeni-Ferenczi Family Winery (Etyek and Szekszárd) 


  • 1pm-4pm: Zoltán Dudás and Son - guitar play
  • 5pm-9pm: Schwab'N'Roll Band - Outdoor party on the main stage


  • 12.30pm-3.30pm: Accordion music
  • 4pm-8pm: Retro Moss Band 
  • Grilled sausage, chicken and pork, ratatouille and many tasty food 
  • Tasting and fairing of Etyek and Szekszárd wines
  • Artisans: Chilicum, Crafts of Édenkert, Marmaladys 


Etyek Cheese Road Station: Tamás Dúzsi (Szekszárd)

  • Cheese specialties and curd dessert


Fonó Press house


  • 2pm-2:40pm and 3pm-3:40pm: Association of Young Shepperd Musicians


  • 2pm-2:40pm and 3pm-3:40pm: The Ritka Band 


Rókusfalvy Estate: Bolyki Estate (Eger)

  • Gourmet experiences with Restaurant Rókusfalvy
  • Etyek Coffe around the world - Arabica specialties, get to know the typical taste profiles of the regions 
  • 10 am: Cooking contest - (Judging of the contest at: 2 pm)
  • 10 am-11 am: Summertime matine’e – children cinema 
  • 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm: „Glass in hand” – every two hours an unusual tour with wine tasting 
  • 11 am-4 pm: Craftwork for children
  • 11.00-18.00 Paint your own fish at ArtHekk


  • 10am-1pm: “Puppy-garten” – puppy caress  
  • 11 am-12 am: Etyek 360 – taste around Etyek!
  • 11 am-6 pm: Etyek 360 – pick and have your Etyek wines!
  • 2 pm-4 pm: Swing a lá Django
  • 4 pm-8 pm: Chilling DJ-set in the vineyard 


  • 11.30 am and 1.30pm Latte art presentation – Etyek Coffee
  • 3 pm-4 pm: Banjo Brothers


Korda Film Studio 

  • Come and visit the recently opened “Behind the scenes” exhibition at 8th Studio with 10% Piknik discount 
  • Hungarian founders of Hollywood, the most typical jobs, what is call sheet?
  • Movie relics and costumes, make a visit to a medieval scenery town with animators
  • Every hour in both days from 10am to 2pm
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